Futuria provides a platform that can be configured to connect multi-modal, multi-agent AI team members together to solve complex problems in an organisation in a massively accelerated fashion.

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At Futuria, we have been able to augment Large Language Models with a set of capabilities that can enable massive acceleration to process run times, or re-imagined functions in secure and regulated organisations. We have developed a framework that enables you to exploit the creative and generative power of AI with the certainty and reliability of data science.

Single Trained
AI Agents

We mitigate the weaknesses of LLMs by giving them corporate knowledge, skillsets and traits, memory, teachability and integration to third party tools enabling them to interact with a wide range of AI and Enterprise tools. This is how we build a Futuria AI Team Member.

Custom Multi-Agent

We then connect single trained agents together into high performing hybrid human - AI teams that are typically used to massively accelerate process execution or solve complex problems in the organisation. We have seen results that are 10-100x improvement in elapsed time.

Expert AI Agent


Multi-Agent Team


Illustrative use cases for application of our AI Agent Teams

We have already applied AI Team Members, or individual bespoke agents to the following use cases in secure and regulated parts of government in the UK. They are proven proof of concepts, MVPs or implemented products.

Cost Estimating for Capital Projects

We used AI Team Members, trained as experts in process and domain areas such as early phase estimating practices, requirements analysis and work breakdown structures, connected to tools to do research and performing data science calculations, dynamically deciding how to deriving estimates varying according to subject matter. The entire process is fully transparent and audited for validation and review from any perspective. The typical output is a word document with detailed estimate for the required asset and approach, produced in around two hours.

Campaign Marketing

We used AI Team Members, in conjunction with a wide range of image and video creation GenAI services, to automate a full workflow from the point of creation of a campaign strategy, touchpoints with relevant cohorts, timely and relevant news and events, social media post generation together with automated prompt generation, asset generation and social posting. It is possible to place a human approval at various points in the process, but in essence this enables the production of a marketing campaign with assets posted in around an hour.

Enabling improved front line focus

There are many jobs with people that interact with members of the public or communities to help, support and coach them in some capacity, who then have to spend time writing up notes, reports, or interacting with a multitude of systems to record information obtained in interviews or conversations. We have applied AI Team Members in the Apprenticeship coaching space, reducing the time taken to complete some back office activities by a factor of 20, but that same approach will work in numerous other examples across central and local government, plus Private Sector.

Accelerate Product Launch

We applied our AI Team Member framework to launch and build a business in two weeks - including brand, business plan, strategy, website, integration of tools on site, creation of new tools to support end clients - in this case such as job spec generators. This was done through accelerating and iterating the intent of co-founder community down to the creation of code on the website.

Potential use cases for applications of our AI Agent Teams

We can apply our AI Agent teams, configrured quickly and trained on your context and environment, to a wide range of tasks to accelerate and augment your human teams. Here are some other example Use Cases where we are actively discussion their application.

Accelerating Financial Reporting

AI Team Members can boost efficiency and cost savings in finance functions. They handle tasks from simple book keeping, like invoice input, to advanced functions such as alerting about market changes or identifying forecast anomalies for further human investigation..

Tracking Ethics and Compliance

There are a multitude of ethics frameworks, regulations and laws emerging across different countries, industries and regions. We can train the AI Agent team on all those that are relevant for you, and help you to produce the assets that you will need as part of the wider audit trail of use of data and algorithms across your organisation.

Legacy Application Transformation

We are applying the same logic to technology applications as we have already applied to capital projects. We can accelerate across project estimation, governance set up and PMO, planning - both resourcinng and scheduling and more. We can also use AI team members to contnbute to activities around business analysis, enterprise architecture, testing and code development.

Knowledge Management - accelerating onboarding

Our AI Team Members can ingest your enterprise knowledge, and you can then teach them the nuances that your experts have built up in their knnowledge of decades. Other AI team members can then be integrated into the team to provide expert access to that knowledge in the context of the tasks that you are setting. This is helping to both mitigate loss of expertise through retriements, plus also to accelerate the onboarding of new human team members who need to quickly get up to speed

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